Your Pool - CONNECTED!


Badu®Connect from SPECK Pumps gives you a convenient way to manage your Badu® SwimJet System & Pool. It allows you to manage your SwimJet’s pump, lighting, or other accessories, via the internet from anywhere in the world. Setup schedules, turn devices on off at a moments notice, and even invite friends, or pool professionals to manage your devices too.

The BADU®ConnectApp is FREE

and is available for download for Apple and Android mobile devices via the Apple Store or Google Play – just search for “BADU®Connect”. The App makes it easy to access your pool from your smart devices.

BADU®Connect is also available via the Web.

After successfully setting up and activating your account via your mobile device, you can conveniently control your pool equipment from a web browser either from your mobile device or right from here!


BADU®Connect Compatibility

BADU®Connect is compatible with the following SPECK pool equipment:

Badu®Jet Imperial

Badu®Jet super-sport //

Badu®Stream //

Check back soon as we are currently developing pool pumps and other pool equipment for the BaduConnect platform.

Why Link Your Pool Equipment to Your Smartphone?

Why in the world would you need an app to control your Badu® SwimJet or pool pump at home? I mean, if you are home, why not just walk out to the pool and check it out or turn it on yourself?

Handheld Convenience

Let’s face it, most technological advances are in the name of convenience. We designed our phone app to make the jobs in your lives easier. An app linking your pool equipment to your phone allows you the convenience of ensuring your equipment is running smoothly from anywhere in the world. You have many options you can control at your fingertips. Including setting daily timers and, for the safety of your family, you can even disable or prevent the use of the swimjet system by simply tapping a LOCK icon within the app.

Away on Vacation

It’s nice to take vacations. It’s even nicer not to have to worry about your pool while you’re vacationing.   Keeping your pool water moving in your pool is critical – and no one wants to return home from a relaxing vacation to deal with unfiltered pool water. On the flip side, no one wants to pay or trouble a neighbor to watch their pool, either. Smartphone devices help solve this problem. A connection between your pump and your smartphone can help eliminate those concerns.

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